Friday, September 19, 2008

It's about time

Hello everyone, I know that is has been a long time since I blogged last, a lot has gone on. First I want to tell you about Lil' Ryan's baby blessing. He was blessed on Sept. 7th 2008, I was so excited for the day and worried that everything wouldn't go right. But everything went great, Lil' Ryan was great durning the blessing he just looked at all the men who were in the circle. Big Ryan did great he said that he was the most nurvous then he has ever been. I want to thank all of the family and friends that came that day it was great to have everyone there. I am so happy that it is over and everything went well.

The next big thing that has been going on is that I went back to work. Yes I know I said that I wasn't going back, but things happen. I am still working for the Whettens but only for Josh or Dr. J as I like to call him. He has a office up by my house and at the moment he is only working in it one day a week, so on the days that he's not in the office I am there answering phones. The great part about it is that I get to take Lil' Ryan with me. That is the coolest thing I am so thankful for this blessing. Then if he needs an extra asst. I will go in and help out, so then Lil' Ryan gets to spend time with his Aunt Kim and cusins. I am so greatful that she is so close and willing to watch him. It's fun having family in the same city.

Ryan has been working a ton of overtime, which I am so happy for, but the thing that stinks about that is that he misses out on all the cute things Lil' Ryan dose durning the day. On top of that he has been working to get our front and back yard looking good. I will but pictures up when I can get them off my camera. It's fun to see the grass grow he is so proud of how it is turning out.

Oh, I almost for got about the newest addition to the house is my new rug. I have a BIG family room and it is all tile I knew it needed something so I went looking and looking for a rug. Everything I found first was just too expencive so I kept going. and while we were at Wallmart last week I decided to go look at their selection and I found the rug I was looking for. It is a chocolate brown shag rug. Oh how it makes the room look so much better. My next step is to hang pictures on the wall, I just have a hard time knowing where to put them.

Lil' Ryan, the puppies and I have been going on walks everyday because Ryan isn't home to take them to the park and play fetch. I can't handle both of them and the baby at the park so I decided that we will go on walks. Believe that is hard to do but everytime we go it gets a little easier. The last time we went I am putting the puppies in the house, and Lil' Ryam is chillin' in the stroller one min. and when I turned to bring him in he was fast asleep. It must have been I long walk!

I believe that is everything, I hope that everyone is well.
I have pictures off everything but for some reason it is not uploading them right, I will make a slide show and put them all in there.

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