Tuesday, February 24, 2009


What's New?

Well it has been a long time since I have blogged. This is what has been going on with the Troxell's. Lilttle Ryan is now 8 months old, it is so amazing how much he has grown in this short of time but he has learned so much. He doesn't craw yet, but he scoots all over the place, he likes the dogs food bowls and water bowl and he just found out where the doggie door is he hasn't gone out it yet but that won't take him too long to figure that out. Little Ryan is so much fun to have around, any mothers out there know that, he has brought so much love into our little family. 

Ryan is still working all the time which is good but Little Ryan and I miss him when he is working. He enjoys his job and can't wait to come home and see us. Ryan is now on Facebook, he didn't do it by himself he had a little help from me, but now he can talk to friends he hasn't talk to in a long time.

I  am still work at Centennial Hill Orthodontics, it's great because I get to bring Little Ryan with me, that is why he is a Mama's boy. That is about it I don't do much just work and Little Ryan he is now my life and I love that.

One thing that we did recently is that we took Blayne to the MTC, it was a good trip but very short. We are going to miss Blayne and we pray for him every day.

I hope that everyone is doing great, can't wait to read all of your blogs.

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