Thursday, November 13, 2008

Trip to Utah

We went to Utah last weekend to get out of town and visit family. So we packed up the family and went to Utah. We left at 7 pm on Friday night, because I had to work so we left after that, it turned out to be really great Lil' Ryan fell asleep when we got on the 215 and slept the whole time. That made it an easy drive, because Ryan doesn't like to stop unless we have to. We got to stay with Mel and Jason so we spent the day with them, then on Saturday night we meet Aunt Lynne and Rocky in Salt Lake for dinner, it was good to catch up with them, I can't wait until they come down for Christmas. Sunday came along and we went to church then we got to see the Colts win, if we weren't having a good weekend all ready that made it even better. All in all it was a fun weekend, Lil' Ryan was a very happy kid the whole weekend, so on our last day of the trip I bought some sweet tart suckers and let him have a taste of them, he loved them, then I let him hold it himself and the first thing that he did was put it in his mouth it was funny to see him do that. Ever since then he wants to eat whatever I'm eating.

First taste

second taste

I'm hooked

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


As I am Blogging I remembered that I forgot to tell everyone about Ryan's birthday on Sunday, I am such a bad wife.
Ryan celebrated his 3rd anniversary of his 25th birthday. We had a great day Ryan's family came over for dinner and then my family came over for cake and ice cream. It was fun to have everyone over.


Well I am sitting at work waiting for the time to pass so that I can go home, and realized that I haven't updated my blog in a long time. It stinks because all of my photos are on my computer at home and I have all the time to do blog here so that is why I make all the slide shows.
Halloween was fun, Lil' Ryan was a skeleton I found the costume at Babies-r- us and we painted his face, oh how he hated that, but he looked so cute. We went to the Trunk-or-treat that our ward was having Kim and the boys came and my parents also came to see all of their grandsons on Halloween. It was fun being with everyone the only thing that would have made it better is if Lil' Ryan would have wanted to be there, but he didn't he cried the whole time. It was funny because the moment that we got home Lil' Ryan was a happy little boy, we think that he just like being home, I don't know what we are going to do when he goes to school.

This week Lil Ryan has not felt good, I think that he has a cold. On Sunday night he woke up every hour and one of the times that I got up to get him I was going down stairs and I slipped and fell on my butt. It is only funny because Lil' Ryan is ok and I only ended up with a big bruise on my butt. He is now getting over his cold and sleeping like he normally dose, witch is good for me I love sleep and miss it very much. One day I will be able to sleep though the night and sleep in again, I hope.

Well I hope that everyone had a great Halloween.

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